How We Became A Family

Thousands of children are born into loving families each year through the help of third party reproduction.  One question that inevitably arises is, “How and when do we tell our child?”  As to the when, I think it is best if it is part of the fabric of your child’s life from the very beginning.  I recommend starting while you are pregnant by keeping a scrapbook of the special events and people who where part of your journey so that you can get used to telling the story of how your family was formed.  The scrapbook can also be a nice way to share with your new baby, as he or she is old enough to sit up and look through it with you.

If you already have a child, it is also a way for the older child to play a role in welcoming the new baby and understanding his or her sibling’s special story as well as their own.  The older sibling can help choose pictures of friends and family that you will want to include in your new babies journey to your home.
For your child, how they came to be a part of your family is a wonderful and exciting story.  Children love to hear stories about themselves. Your child’s story is unique just as every child is unique. You tried for a very long time to bring this child into your family.

You might start by telling them that it takes special ingredients to grow a baby.  There are seeds from Daddy, eggs from Mommy and a very special growing place in mommy’s tummy. Mommy and daddy worked with a very special doctor, nurses, and a donor.  Sometimes, one of the special ingredients from the mommy or daddy can’t be used so mommy and daddy have to borrow either seeds or eggs from a person called a donor.  A donor is a person who wants to help and is willing to share their seeds or eggs so that we could, with the doctor’s help, have you.

The doctor mixed the eggs and seeds together and put them in mommy’s special growing place and the special ingredients grew and grew until they became you, our baby.  And when you were born our love was made complete.  We wanted you so much that we found special helpers to bring you into our family.  You are the most wonderful person to ever come into our lives; we love you as much as the sky because the sky never ends.