Men ARE Having Babies

Posted in LGBTQ+ on January 27, 2015

A few weeks ago, we attended the Men Having Babies Conference popup: yes in San Francisco, an event that keeps growing and growing. We met so many wonderful people, including doctors, agencies, service providers popup: yes and hopeful intended fathers looking to start a family.

Gail was part of the ‘expert panel’, and spoke on how to keep the lines of communication open during the journey to parenthood.

She shared these key points:

  • talk about your fears with your partner and ask the questions you want to ask BEFORE you embark on a surrogate pregnancy.
  • have an open dialogue with your potential surrogate about all aspects of the pregnancy
  • if you are working with an egg donor, do you want to meet her or talk with her beforehand? Some donors choose to donate anonymously, but many are open to meeting the intended parents, and often both parties find it a life-enriching experience.

Dads-To-Be had the chance to ask Gail specific questions about egg donation and surrogacy

Gail also had the chance to speak to individuals during the afternoon breakout session, where intended fathers could ask about how to find an egg donor, how to work with a gestational surrogate and the costs of third-party fertility.

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There was an expo for intended fathers to find out more about gestational surrogacy, fertility clinics and services like Donor Concierge.

We also launched our latest E-Book - 'The Men's Guide to Having Babies', free to participants of the conference. If you'd like to know more, schedule a no-obligation consultation with us and find out how we can help you search for an egg donor and surrogate and get you started on the path to parenthood.

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