New York Allows Compensated Surrogacy

For many New Yorkers, building a family through surrogacy meant they had to go outside of the state. But now, a new law called the Child Parent Security Act, passed in April 2020 and going in effect on Monday 15th February, 2021, in New York state means compensated gestational surrogacy is now legal.

According to Richard Vaughn, surrogacy law expert and attorney at the International Fertility Law Group, "This is long-awaited reform. It removes a significant obstacles to surrogacy and protects the rights of intended parents to create families through assisted reproduction. And it helps remove the stigma, and the insecurity that were faced by non-traditional families as well.

Vaughn says the new laws are strict and must be adhered to by all parties, including intended parents, agencies, attorneys and fertility clinics, but is now in place to protect all parties from potential harm.

While there is still some 'clean-up' work to be done on the bill, the new laws mean access to gestational surrogacy in the state of New York is available to all hopeful parents.

The full webinar with Richard Vaugh , NY Surrogacy: A Legal Update can be found on the Donor Concierge Youtube channel.