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Posted in News & Events on January 22, 2020 by Gloria Li

This week marks the beginning of the Chinese Spring Festival, with the Lunar New Year welcoming the year of the Metal Rat. As we approach this special time, we reflect on the wonderful year that has passed, and look forward to another to come.

This past year we launched our Donor Concierge Chinese website, expanded our Private Client program and continued adding many surrogacy and egg donor agencies to our network so we can help our clients match with egg donors and gestational carriers quickly and efficiently.

Our Chinese future parents represent nearly 30% of our overall client base and we continue to focus our efforts on meeting their unique needs. This includes both domestic clients and those coming to the United States for egg donation and gestational surrogacy treatment.

Our Asian Client Services team has expanded to include two wonderful assistants, both fluent in Mandarin.

Jun Feng is a young and vibrant new member of our Asian team. Jun holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and has over 5 years of international customer service experience. Jun is a new mother of a handsome baby boy. Through her new role as a parent, Jun is passionate in bringing joy and fulfillment to our clients.

Grace Yang immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was 12 years old. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, she was working as a payroll administrator in a multi-national company. Grace is mature, responsible and task-oriented. She is happily married with an 8 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. Through her attention to detail and emphasis on family values, she contributes a valuable perspective to our Asian search process.

Welcome Jun and Grace - I’m so proud to have them work alongside me and serve our Chinese clients.

On behalf of our entire staff at Donor Concierge we wish you a happy, healthy and fertile year!

Gloria Li, Director of Asian Client Services

在过去的一年里,我们成功的推出了Donor Concierge 的中文网站, 开展了私人定制服务,与更多捐卵中介及代孕中介取得合作,拓展我们的资源,从而更有效的帮助所有寻找代母及捐卵人的客户。
Donor Concierge的华裔客户占总客户群比例高达百分之三十,这包括所有跨国或是本土的寻找代母及捐卵人的客户, 我们一直致力于满足客户的特别需求、并提供更全面和细致的搜索服务。

为此, 在2019年 我们增加了两位优秀的华语团队助理:

Jun – 作为一位年轻而充满活动的亚洲团队新成员,她拥有市场营销领域的工商管理学士学位,并有5年以上的与国际客户合作经验,能很好的理解客户的咨询和需求。现在她刚刚生了一个帅气的男宝宝。作为妈妈的新角色,Jun更能体会到为客户圆家庭梦带来快乐的成就感。

Grace - 幼年随父母移民温哥华,中英文流利。 大学毕业后在建筑公司财务部服务十余年;Grace理智稳重,有条理并富有团队精神,能够有效的协助团队进行各项工作。她拥有一个幸福的四口之家 - 八岁的女儿和四岁的儿子,非常重视家庭,并乐于尽力帮助更多的家庭取得圆满 。


最后, 再次代表Donor Concierge全体员工,祝福您和家人新春快乐,鼠年吉祥!

Gloria Li
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微信: DonorConcierge

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