Surrogacy, the Subject of Getting to Baby, Featured on ABC’s "The View"

Posted in Surrogacy on July 15, 2010

“The View” guests Giuliana Rancic and Alexis Stewart share stories of infertility and surrogacy, topics covered in new book “Getting to Baby” by Victoria and Jennifer Collier

Decatur, GA (PRWEB) June 29, 2011

In recognition of World Fertility Awareness Month, ABC’s “The View” aired a special episode on June 24 focused on infertility and surrogacy -- topics covered in the new book, Getting to Baby, by Victoria and Jennifer Collier.

“Our book shares what we went through to create our family -- which was successful through surrogacy -- and outlines other ways to make a family, like IVF and adoption,” Victoria Collier says. “It’s great to see surrogacy featured on “The View,” because historically, it’s had very little coverage. Many people don’t even know surrogacy is an option. It’s good that “The View” is highlighting it.”

On “The View,” E! News host and reality TV star Giuliana Rancic discusses the struggles she and husband Bill Rancic -- first winner of “The Apprentice” and Giuliana’s co-star on the Style Network’s reality show “Giuliana and Bill” -- have had with infertility.

“Let me tell you something: infertility stinks. It is the worst thing in the world. It has not been a pleasant experience,” Rancic says to the stars of “The View.” Rancic goes on to discuss her several unsuccessful attempts at In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and a miscarriage.

Still, Rancic remains hopeful. “Until the doctor says something is broken, we are going to keep trying. Our doctor tells us we don’t have to go to surrogacy or adoption route yet. IVF is a numbers game. We think it’s going to work next time,” she says.

Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart, also a guest on Friday’s episode of “The View,” is continuing fertility treatments even though she has successfully had a child through a surrogate. She, too, shared the story of her long, painful struggle before finally having a child.

Although Rancic and Stewart are celebrities, their experiences are all too familiar to millions of people who suffer from infertility -- people like Victoria and Jennifer Collier, who, after a heartbreaking, years-long effort, finally became parents to twins Katherine and Christopher through a surrogate. Victoria and Jennifer tell their own story and offer extensive advice and guidance for others in their new book, “Getting to Baby.”

Collier notes that while surrogacy often receives media attention only when it is chosen by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Elton John and Sarah Jessica Parker, it can also help non-celebrities, like the Colliers, become a family.

“Many people spend several years and a vast amount of money on fertility treatments and adoption. They exhaust their resources, because they don't know another possibility exists. Recognizing all the options available allows you to make more educated choices and create your family sooner,” Victoria says. “Had we known about surrogacy earlier, we could have shaved two years off the time we spent on other methods.”

Watch the June 24, 2011 episode of “The View” on Also featured in this episode is a woman who -- as her daughter’s surrogate -- gave birth to her own triplet grandchildren; and a woman whose “twiblings,” carried by two different surrogates, were born five days apart.

About “Getting to Baby”
“Getting to Baby,” a new book by Victoria and Jennifer Collier, shares the agonizing road taken by this lesbian couple in their effort to have children. Having finally achieved the family they so desperately wanted with the birth of their twins, Katherine and Christopher, through a surrogate, the Colliers set out on a mission to help other couples avoid some of the pitfalls and frustrations they experienced. “Getting to Baby” is more than their story; it is a “how to” book outlining shortcuts and helpful hints for creating your family now, through fertility, adoption, or surrogacy. Visit the website at

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