The Perfect can be the Enemy of the Good in Egg Donation

Posted in Resources & Support on November 29, 2012 by Gail Sexton Anderson

I’ve helped hundreds of intended parents find egg donors and surrogates over the past 20 years, I can find just about anything an intended parent might want in an egg donor due to the broad network we have of over 85 egg donor agencies. That said, for some intended parents the perfect can be the enemy of the good.

There are times when intended parents may lose focus on the goal of becoming a parent. In my experience, when an intended parent has looked at many, many candidates as they may get to a point where, no one looks good to them anymore. It may be that the intended parents have become fixated on specific traits or characteristics that they are hoping to see in their child so that they might feel they can see themselves in their child. The truth is that even if the child was related to both intended parents there is no way to predict who the child will turn out to be. No one will be perfect and your child is so much more than the sum of his or her genetics. I understand that Elinor Roosevelt's parents were considered to be two of the most attractive people of their time and though Elinor was an amazing woman, she was not a beautiful woman. In the same way Nobel prize winners don’t beget Nobel prize winners and two very athletic people could have a child who hates sports.

Sometimes one must decide to take a leap of faith, stop looking for perfection and trust that God will provide you with the child you were always meant to have.

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