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When we started finding egg donors in 2006, there was no such thing as Instagram. Few people talked publicly about their fertility journey and even fewer talked about using donor eggs and finding an egg donor. Fast forward to 2020 and finally, egg donation is starting to lose the stigma.

Here are a few awesome Instagrammers who share their own donor egg IVF journey. Thank you all!

Most intended parents seeking an egg donor have already been through a tumultuous path with fertility, and chances are, you are looking for other parents who have been there and done that. Lena (@LenaRidley) uses her page to share her fertility journey, from IUI, IVF, and donor eggs to parenthood! Lena is a great source of inspiration, but she keeps it real: her posts about the struggles of infertility and parenthood are relatable no matter where you are in your own journey.

Becky (@DefiningMum)) is a self-proclaimed advocate for fertility and donor conception and a great voice in the fertility community. Becky consistently posts about her own donor egg journey, as well as words of wisdom and messages in support of others going through fertility struggles. Her other page, Fertility Matters At Work (@FertilityMattersAtWork), is dedicated to bringing awareness to fertility issues in the workplace. For anyone struggling with infertility at work, the page frequently highlights women who have been in your shoes!

Camille Guaty (@CamilleGuaty) is an actress famous for her roles on Prison Break and The Good Doctor, but she also made waves recently by opening up about her donor egg pregnancy. Now the mother of a beautiful baby boy, Camille has shared her donor egg journey with the world, and we love that she is helping spread awareness about egg donation!

Victoria (@ExpectingAnything) is a blogger and writer who has candidly shared her journey to motherhood with donor eggs and the love, heartbreak, and hope along the way. She is the cofounder of Infertility Unfiltered (@InfertilityUnfiltered), a fertility support program in Newport Beach that seeks to highlight and lift up other #infertilitywarriors. Her page is a great place to find other women at all stages of their infertility journeys.

Christie (@Fried_Eggs17) has documented the last few years of her fertility journey on Instagram, sharing the ups and downs of diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, donor egg IVF and pregnancy. Christie is a source of hope while shedding light on a difficult topic. For anyone interested in hearing about donor egg IVF firsthand, her Instagram stories are a great place to start.

Melissa (@RiotCarrot) is a nutrition scientist and IVF warrior who has been chronicling her donor egg IVF journey. Her Instagram feed is full of photos of her beautiful baby boy, and if you scroll a little further, you’ll see a detailed account of her donor egg IVF process. Don’t let the baby pics fool you: Melissa has been through the ringer, but we are so happy that after a long fertility journey she has a gorgeous, healthy son.

Jennifer (@MrsJennSharp) is the mom of one daughter through egg donor IVF, and currently expecting another girl! Jennifer posts about pregnancy, parenthood, and daily life with a positivity that lifts up her followers, while discussing serious issues like fertility and genetics. For anyone with genetic premature ovarian failure, Jennifer is a must-follow. She’s described in detail her journey through egg donor IVF, and the surprise blessing of another pregnancy. Infertility is a rollercoaster, but we love how Jennifer has shared her story.

Jocelyn (@MotheringSolo) is a 40 year old mama-to-be who is documenting her double donor IVF journey. From Clexane bruising to bump progress pics, Jocelyn has shared the good, the bad and the ugly of double donor pregnancy. We love Jocelyn’s perspective -- if you’re a single mother or pursuing double donor IVF, we wholeheartedly recommend following!

Shannon (@BabiesAfter35) is a mom via egg donation and an OB/GYN, and she’s a great person to follow for both the personal side and clinical side of pregnancy and parenthood. Shannon shares and supports the pregnancy journeys of other women through reposts, but her videos are our favorite part of her feed! Her TikToks (@TikTokBabyDoc) will have you learning and laughing as she tackles everything from the impact of racism on pregnancy outcomes to the awkwardness of OB/GYN appointments.

Allie (@TheBunlessOven) is a professor, expat and fertility warrior documenting her journey on her blog and Instagram. After struggling with infertility for years, Allie became pregnant via donor eggs from a close friend and welcomed her beautiful daughter. Allie’s blog is a must read for anyone weighing using a known vs. anonymous egg donor or wondering how and when to tell their child about egg donation.

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