The Value of Donor Concierge

Posted in Egg Donation, Surrogacy on November 12, 2011

1)  We have access to more U.S. egg donor and surrogate databases than anyone in the world.  We are the best bet for finding the donor or surrogate who most closely fits your requirements and is currently available to cycle.
2)  Gail Sexton Anderson is a Harvard trained counselor who has been guiding couples through their journey to parenthood since 1998.  Gail is well respected in reproductive medicine circles as the go-to person for intended parents seeking counseling and assistance in locating egg donors and surrogates.
3)  Donor Concierge works quickly and efficiently, completing most egg donor searches within two week and most surrogate searches in less than a month.  We recognize that timing is everything in third party fertility, and our clients are able to move forward with their cycles more quickly and with greater confidence than intended parents working on their own.  Donor Concierge removes much of intended parents' stress by helping them avoid common pitfalls and by acting as a liaison in facilitating the smoothest possible matching process.

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