What It’s Like to be a Surrogate?

Choosing to become a surrogate is a big decision.  We believe it really helps to know what it feels like to be a gestational carrier and to share that journey with another couple as well as to understand the practical steps required to successfully navigate a surrogacy.

Your own family is inevitably a part of your journey, sharing in the surrogacy, as active supporters and participants along the way.  Your children are often proud to help you realize the dreams of hopeful parents desperate to become a family.  It can be a challenge for your husband or partner to support you both physically and mentally on your journey, but it can also deepen your love and connection to each other in your mutual quest to give generously to another couple.

The pivotal moments

of the pregnancy that you share with your intended parents will feel different than they did with your own pregnancies. This time it’s all about them.  The day the pregnancy test comes back positive, the moment the sound of their baby’s heartbeat fills the doctor’s exam room, is about taking joy in their reaction, knowing that you made it possible.  Watching them watch your belly grow with their child and feel their baby kick inside of you, it all becomes a journey of hope and giving.  You will feel a keen sense of responsibility that comes with that hope, to do your best to deliver their dream of a baby.

The biggest concern

friends and families have is how a surrogate will feel when she gives up a baby.  Because there is no biological connection to the baby you carry, experienced surrogates will tell you they never felt like the baby was theirs.  Instead they felt like a caretaker.  You are not giving a baby up, you are giving a baby back.  The bond surrogates feel is with the intended parents as you share the expectation, joy, and wonder of coming together to bring a baby into the world.

There is an enormous sense of contribution and fulfillment that you feel when you have completed a surrogacy journey.  It is with wonder, relief, joy, and pride that you deliver a baby into the arms of the waiting parents.

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