Why Donor Concierge Is Different

We often get asked “What makes Donor Concierge different from the other ‘Concierge or search services’?” Here is why we think we stand out as the best choice.

  • Donor Concierge is the 'original' concierge service for third party fertility.

  • We are thrilled that others are trying to replicate our very successful business model.

  • We have a larger team and therefore more eyes on the donors who are out there.

  • We invest in our business. We have proprietary software to help make your search faster and more efficient - our database is of the highest security, easy to use and enables our case managers to be much more hands on with our clients. We can often get information about donors that other consultants can't.

  • We have been in the field for over 20 years and the company was started in 2006. Gail Sexton Anderson's vision has always been to keep our intended parents as our true north - we never take referral fees and our goal is to use our expertise and guidance to match our clients with the best available candidates who are a good fit for their family and the protocols of their clinic.

  • We are trusted by doctors and fertility professionals - 60% of our clients are referred to us through these sources.