Find Local Surrogates

Donor Concierge finds surrogates in cities where searching is often the most difficult including Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas and Los Angeles or San Francisco, CA.

With our unique approach, we work with all of our surrogate agency contacts across the country to find a gestational carrier who is available, healthy and willing to work with you to carry your precious baby. From Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Dallas to Chicago, Portland to Miami, Donor Concierge can help you find the local surrogate mother you’ve been looking for.

We realize that not all families are the same and we tailor each search to your particular situation. Laws vary from state to state and undertaking family building via surrogacy requires careful consideration of specific legal nuances. Logistically, finding a surrogate who is located near you is ideal and we can help, whether you are looking for a surrogate in Illinois or a surrogate in Nevada.

Our expertise comes in identifying your specific needs, to find the best match for you. Some examples of families we’ve helped:

  • A same-sex male couple searching for a California surrogate
  • A single woman searching for an east coast surrogate. Because she was using a donor egg and donor sperm, our team worked with a legal advisor to find the best 'surrogacy friendly' state for her.
  • A married heterosexual couple using their own embryos – we found them a surrogate mother in Florida
  • An international couple from China searching for a Texas surrogate mother
  • A single man from Italy found a surrogate mother in California

Whatever your family structure, we are experienced in finding gestational carriers in many US locations.