Your Donor Egg Cycle - 3 Tips To Save Time & Money

Posted in Fertility Financing on January 13, 2015 by Donor Concierge

Time and money are some of the biggest obstacles Intended Parents face when making decisions about the cost of third party fertility. Here are our Top Tips for planning your donor egg or surrogacy cycle.

#1 Devote Time to your Donor Egg Cycle
When you decide to create a family using donor eggs, make room for the search process in your life. You’ll go through many emotional challenges popup:yes throughout the journey. Devote just as much time and energy to creating your family as you would to any other big event or project in your life. While there are many players involved, ultimately, YOU are the one that can make this happen.

Give yourself at least 3-4 months from the time you would ideally like to cycle with your egg donor and 4-6 months before you’d like to be pregnant with a gestational carrier. Your IVF clinic will need to schedule medical evaluations, your legal team will need to draft and review contracts, your egg donor or gestational carrier may have travel restrictions or may need to wait for certain times of the menstrual cycle before they can be evaluated.

#2 Egg Donor and Surrogate Candidates Go Fast – Connect with Agencies Immediately! When you see an egg donor or gestational carrier who you feel good about, don’t wait weeks to let your case manager know. They'll want to connect with the agency immediately. In the third party fertility world there are many more Intended Parents than there are egg donors and surrogates. One of the biggest heartaches our couples face is losing out on the egg donor of choice because they waited. Donors and surrogates are matched very quickly – sometimes within hours. The general rule of thumb here is that if you see someone who appeals to your family dynamic, contact the agency quickly. It is better to find out early in the process that a donor is not available or a gestational carrier has changed her mind so that you can move forward with finding the right candidate to provide you with a donor egg.

#3 Be A Consumer and Remember You Have Choice. Third Party fertility treatment does not function like traditional medical practices in that much of the financial burden is the sole responsibility of the Intended Parent. As the consumer of Third Party fertility treatment you have choice in every aspect of your care from what fertility clinic you choose, your fertility attorney, which egg donor, and/or surrogate and agency you want to work with. The biggest advantage a Donor Concierge client has is choice.

It is worth the time to explore your choices for donor egg candidates, surrogates, agencies, and fertility clinics, and to become a knowledgeable consumer of third party fertility treatment. When you know that you have choice in this process and are not caught in the belief that there is only one path, one donor, or one moment to make your baby happen, then you spare yourself the anguish of disappointment and significant financial loss.

Want to know more? Why not schedule a free consultation. Donor Concierge has an e-book available to Intended Parents who work with us to find an egg donor, a surrogate or a sperm donor. We’re here for you.

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