Is It Hard To Find an Egg Donor?

‘There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip’ -  even when the outcome of an event seems certain, things can still go wrong.

One of the questions that I’m asked on a daily basis is 'What can Donor Concierge do that I can't do on my own and how do I know you'll find me someone? Each search we do provides the same results – a current complete list of all available donors that come as close as possible to matching your desired criteria, after an exhaustive search through 80+ databases. We do all the 'follow up' for you.

But what does that mean? And how hard can that be? You’ve got a list of donors ready and waiting to be matched, so you just pick up the phone and book a cycle with them? Sounds straightforward, yes, but the reality is very different. We only send donors that are listed as available, but the first question should always be to confirm this. The fertility industry is not streamlined or ‘one size fits all’ and for every 20 agencies and donors, you may get several different interpretations of ‘available’:

  • Yes, she’s available to cycle with you in 6 months when she finishes with the two couples who have signed up before you
  • Yes, but she needs to be an identified donor because she is a carrier for purple people eaters disorder
  • Yes, but you can get on her waiting list for next year when she returns from her Peace Corp trip
  • Yes, she’s available but we can’t get hold of her.

The primary reason to do a Donor Concierge egg donor search is to have someone to act as your liaison with the agencies to follow up on your favorite donors. This sound much easier than it is. So let me tell how this is to your advantage:

  • Agencies respond to the Donor Concierge team more quickly
  • Every agency has its own personality and we know how to work with each and every one of them
  • We can save you time and frustration
  • We are experts in third party fertility
  • We speak the same language as the agencies and the clinics
  • We act as a buffer and a guide for our clients
  • We can work directly with your clinic and the agencies to facilitate communication
  • We maintain your privacy – we don’t let the agency know who our clients are until you are ready to make a decision and contract with their donor
  • We keep track of your top choices on a spreadsheet for you

For most couples additional cost is totally worth the timeand emotional wherewithal we can save you.  It is not unusual for our basic clients to say ‘if I’d known how much work it was to follow up with the agencies I would have signed up for Premium to start with.’

One recent client said “ I had no idea how hard it would be to do the follow up. I took off 4 days from work!” Most importantly, we quickly narrow down your top choices and find you an egg donor who is available, healthy and excited to do an egg donation cycle with you to help you build your family.


Gail Sexton Anderson is the founder of Donor Concierge. She has been helping intended parents build their families through third-party fertility for nearly 20 years.