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Posted in Sperm Donation on February 24, 2015 by Donor Concierge Staff

Donor Concierge is pleased to announce that we now offer sperm donor searching as part of our regular business package. We’ve had an increase in the number of people asking us to help them find a sperm donor so it seems a natural extension of our expertise in egg donor and surrogate searches.

Just as trying to find the right egg donor can be challenging so too can finding the right sperm donor. While we don’t need to tell you about the birds and the bees, sperm is, of course, the other half of the equation. But the information available to intended parents about the sperm donor is very different.

Some of these differences are highlighted in the book Sex Cells. Egg donor agency databases offer lots of personal information about the egg donor - pictures of her at various ages, family photos, her academic test scores, her favorite color or food.

Sperm donor sites offer future parents a chart. No pictures, no background and very little insight into the sperm donor’s personality. Some of this information may be available but the intended parent has to usually pay on an a la carte basis for this information.

That’s where we can help. We search all of the US sperm banks and present you with candidates that are as close as possible to what you are hoping for. Then as you narrow your search we can help to flesh out your options. We act as your coach and support system as you are making one of life’s most challenging decisions - who will supply the male side of the genetic equation to your child.

This service is helpful for a variety of individuals who want to build their family but need a sperm donor. Women who are single parents by choice, couples with male factor infertility, and lesbian couples. We have learned through years of experience that choosing a donor, whether that’s an egg donor or a sperm donor, is a delicate balance between finding the ideal characteristics we hope for and the realities of working with options that are available. We are proud to help to bridge that gap.

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