Fertility lawyer Christina Miller's best advice for parents

Posted in Fertility Experts on September 27, 2022 by Donor Concierge

Attorney Christina Miller shares her fertility story and her best advice for hopeful parents beginning their family building journey.

We've spoken to Christina Miller about surrogacy law recently – now the attorney and fertility expert is sharing more about her story, her legal advice for hopeful parents, and more. Read on for her guidance for navigating these complex issues.

Can you briefly describe your background and why you pursued a specialty in reproductive and family law?
Christina: I was diagnosed with infertility at 21 years old. When I went to law school, I took classes that applied to me personally knowing that I needed medical intervention to have a child. I was blessed with being in the right place at the right time- I was able to study under a professor who had worked on the California third party family building legislation. When I passed the bar, my RE was thrilled and started to refer her patients to me for legal representation and counsel. So this area of law chose me.

What advice do you have for parents beginning a third party fertility journey?

Find a lawyer who practices this area of law exclusively. We can help you by narrowing in on your priorities and save you time in getting to the best resources to help you during the journey. We know all the best professionals and are duty bound only to you!

Why are contracts so important when working with a donor or surrogate?

Contracts are like roadmaps. They lay out the path ahead and give alternate routes when things change on the journey. Everyone knows what is expected of themselves and the others that are embarking upon the third party family building journey.

What decisions should parents have made, or considered, prior to the contract phase?

Parents need to understand that this is their baby; not the donor’s baby; not the surrogate’s baby; their baby even though it is not here yet. They have already begun making parenting decisions for the baby by showing up today. Their lawyer will inform them about the risks and benefits of the decisions they will be making.

Are there any legal parts of the family building process that often surprise your clients?

My clients are often surprised by the stories that go into making the laws about parentage. People can be very cruel in breaking up. We get most of the laws on parentage from decisions of the court from what others have been through.

What is your favorite part about this work? What motivates you to continue?

My gratitude for my daughter is my motivation and favorite part of this work. I was blessed by other professionals advice and counsel about my own journey to live birth. The struggle and heartbreak are real for me; it imprinted on my soul. I am here to help others in the way I was blessed, it is what I can do to make the world easier for those also needing help to get to live baby.

Thank you Christina for speaking with us about all things fertility! You can find her at

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