Donor Concierge Recognizes Zouves Fertility Center with 2022 Fertility Provider Excellence Award

Posted in News & Events on October 20, 2022 by Donor Concierge

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 20 - Today Donor Concierge named Dr. Christo Zouves and Zouves Fertility Center the recipient of the first annual Donor Concierge Fertility Provider Excellence Award. The award recognizes fertility practitioners who exceed Donor Concierge’s rigorous standards of excellence and provide exceptional care for fertility patients.

“There is immense innovation and progress in the fertility space right now,” says Gail Sexton Anderson, Founder of Donor Concierge. “We want to highlight the fertility professionals that are embracing innovative techniques and providing successful outcomes for patients, while centering patient advocacy and care in their practice.”

Donor Concierge has helped thousands of hopeful parents over two decades in the third-party fertility field, and the company has established a strict vetting process for fertility partners. This year, Donor Concierge publicly shared their network of vetted fertility practitioners through a new Preferred Providers program, which acts as a free resource for hopeful parents seeking excellent fertility options across the country.

“It’s hard to believe I’ve been in the field of IVF for more than 35 years now — and equally hard to believe how much the field has changed,” says Dr. Christo Zouves. “At ZFC, we’re proud to be pioneers in reproductive technology, from egg vitrification to pre-implantation genetic screening, to the Zymot technology to select the best sperm.”

“What all of this really means is that we’re able to give our patients the best chance of success, and walk this journey to parenthood with them,” Dr. Zouves says. “We don’t take this privilege for granted, it’s an honor to do this work every single day. For almost 20 years, Donor Concierge has been my go to resource for locating an optimal egg donor and a gestational carrier in the shortest time."

Zouves Fertility Center combines cutting edge fertility procedures and a strong commitment to custom-tailored care for individual patient needs. When working with hopeful parents, Zouves Fertility Center is aligned with Donor Concierge in seeking to improve patient outcomes through a combination of best-in-class technology, advocacy and support.

Fertility services are growing in the United States as more hopeful parents pursue fertility procedures each year. According to a recent Technavio report, the fertility services field has seen a compound annual growth rate of nearly 9%, and the fertility field’s global valuation is expected to rise from $25 billion to $41 billion by 2026. The U.S. alone has seen a 35% increase in fertility support investment from 2020 to 2021. “As the fertility sector grows, and the number of hopeful parents seeking fertility treatment rises,” Gloria Li, Executive Director of Donor Concierge says, “Maintaining or establishing excellent patient care has become increasingly important for fertility professionals.”

“Hopeful parents have more family-building options than ever before,” Gail Sexton Anderson says. “It is incredibly important to us at Donor Concierge that fertility remains a supportive, patient-focused field that keeps the needs of hopeful parents and their future children at the fore. We are excited to launch the Fertility Provider Excellence Award and begin highlighting the dedicated fertility professionals who are committed to excellent patient care.”

About Donor Concierge
Donor Concierge is the leading fertility service helping intended parents navigate the challenging process of finding an egg donor, sperm donor or surrogate. Through an extensive network of the best fertility industry connections, Donor Concierge provides access to 25,000+ donors and available surrogates, 250+ partner agencies and top fertility clinics. The Donor Concierge team has facilitated thousands of successful matches and is recognized as an international leader in third-party fertility. Donor Concierge combines powerful search tools with expert guidance to help our clients build their families through egg donation, sperm donation and gestational surrogacy. Our team is powered by the world’s largest egg donor database and we have access to more U.S. surrogates than any other organization. Our technology and trusted network has helped empower us to be pioneers in third-party fertility, backed by over 25 years of fertility experience.

About Zouves Fertility Center
Dr. Zouves has been involved in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) since it came to North America. He has helped thousands of families across the world realize their dreams. In 1999, Dr. Zouves opened Zouves Fertility Center where he and team take a progressive approach to fertility, combining the latest technological advancements with holistic modalities to aid in achieving individual and family goals.

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