How can Donor Concierge find a surrogate quickly?

Posted in Surrogacy on April 19, 2022 by Donor Concierge

Surrogacy in 2022 - How to find a gestational carrier quickly

“It’s hard to find a qualified Gestational Carrier” was the common theme we heard at the recent Donor Egg Meeting, a gathering of fertility clinic coordinators, and at the SEEDS conference, where surrogacy and egg donor agencies, attorneys and mental health experts discussed the ethics of surrogacy and best practices in third party fertility.

There are many reasons why finding a surrogate is a challenge, especially in 2022. Some of these challenges were outlined in a recent New York Times article which highlighted the struggles of post-Covid parenting, low vaccine rates amongst women who may choose to be surrogates, and the uncertainty of travel while Covid is still very much prevalent.

At Donor Concierge, we talk to thousands of people who are looking for a surrogate, and more importantly, we talk with our agency partners who are actually recruiting and representing the women who choose to be surrogates. We’ve discovered that finding a surrogate doesn’t need to be as stressful, and a Donor Concierge gestational surrogate search will connect you with the best candidate for your journey.

We’re committed to helping our clients navigate the surrogate search, and we’re proud to offer the expertise and resources they need to find a surrogate match quickly. We know that in 2022 the surrogate search seems more complex than ever, so we’re answering your most frequently asked questions about finding a gestational carrier.

How long is the wait to find a surrogate with Donor Concierge?
Pre-Covid our gestational carrier matching time was 4-6 weeks. We’re currently matching hopeful parents with surrogates within 8-12 weeks. This is compared to the 12-18 month wait times that many surrogacy agencies are currently reporting.

Why is there a lack of surrogates?
There are many reasons why fewer women are seeking to become surrogates in 2022. Some have increased parental responsibilities due to remote working, while others are fearful of getting the Covid vaccine - and most clinics are recommending that all gestational carriers be vaccinated. Finally, many families want to get back to traveling for fun again and want to delay engaging in a commitment to a surrogacy journey.

How can Donor Concierge find Gestational carriers when agencies have long waits?
There are several reasons why Donor Concierge is able to match our clients with surrogates more quickly. We’ve been doing this work since 2006, and we know what fertility doctors are looking for in a gestational carrier. Donor Concierge partners with many agencies. We bring clients to trusted, top-notch surrogacy agencies, and we ensure our clients are highly educated about the surrogacy process and are ready to go.

  • We partner with 70+ agencies.
  • We have deep experience with medical requirements for surrogates.
  • We do a full medical review of approved surrogate candidates.
  • Agencies know that our clients are educated and ready to proceed quickly.
  • We’re confident that your clinic will approve the surrogate candidate we present, saving you time because we’re matching for approval.

What can intended parents do to ensure they are matched quickly?

  • Have your embryos ready to go. We’ll work with you on a timeline if you’re still in the process of creating your embryos.
  • Lean on us to make sure you have everything in order - we can help set up your attorney, escrow services, insurance provider or mental health support. We know each and every agency intimately. You can trust us to help you make the right decisions.
  • Understand the costs. During the search process, we will go over the general costs of a surrogacy journey and will help you understand the agency’s cost sheet. There may be costs you weren’t aware of such as insurance, legal fees, travel costs etc. that our team will help explain.

No matter where you are in your surrogacy journey, Donor Concierge is the best place to start. Our process is tried and tested, and we have helped thousands of people create their families via gestational surrogacy.

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