First Time or Repeat Egg Donor - Which Is Best?

We are often asked which is better a first time donor or a repeat donor. The short answer is one is not better than the other. There is no difference in success rates between using a first time donor and a repeat donor.

Then why did your doctor recommend that you look for a repeat donor?

With a repeat donor, your doctor has the ability to see how the she responded to stimulation and if she produced a positive pregnancy. You know that she was able to follow through with the protocol and make it to retrieval, all reassuring data to have before heading into a cycle. What your doctor is focused on is science, not the financial, emotional or issues of human nature. A repeat donor can be a great choice if you can find someone that you like, who is available to travel to your clinic and is can cycle when you are ready to cycle. She'll often have had her genetic and fertility testing completed and will understand the process and how she will respond to the medications.

Here are a few drawbacks to a repeat donor that you may encounter:
• Repeat donors are in high demand
• Their fees are higher
• Finding a repeat donor who you like and is available can be challenging
• Waiting for your turn to work with the repeat donor of your dreams often falls through. Being an egg donor is not a walk in the park it is not unusual for donors to decide they don’t want to do a future cycle when it’s your turn

Here are a few reasons to also look at first time donors:
• Every donor was a first time donor at some time
• First time donors are excited about the process and the possibility of helping you
• First time donors fees are usually significantly lower than a repeat donor
• First time donors can be tested for ovarian reserve prior to you committing to work with them

We always recommend that intended parents look at both first time donors as well as repeat donors. It is hard enough to find candidates that feel “familiar” you don’t want to eliminate the majority of candidates because they have never done this before it may even be a plus when creating your family.