Four Keys to Egg Donor Selection

These are some of the most important tips that I share with intended parents getting ready to move forward with an egg donor cycle:

Four practical tips for egg donor selection: 

1)   Act quickly. Appealing donors don't last long.  If you feel strongly about a donor let us know ASAP so that we can check to make sure the donor is available.  You should then contact the agency to let them know of your interest, ask any additional questions and find out what you need to do to reserve her for your cycle.

2)   Avoid getting on a waiting list, but if you choose to put your name on a waiting list for a donor, don’t think you can now sit back and wait your turn.  There are a myriad of reasons why an egg donor might not follow through on her promise to do a future cycle with you. So, if you choose to put your name on a waiting list, be smart about it and keep looking.  If it should work out, great, but you may actually find another donor along the way that you like just as much, or maybe even more, who is available to cycle now.

3)   Always have a backup plan.  When looking for an egg donor, always have at least 3 candidates in mind that you could be happy moving forward with. There are things that can come up that may disqualify a donor from cycling, so be prepared.

4)    Learn to let go.  This is much easier said then done.  There is no such thing as a “perfect” donor.  But there are many really great options.  Everyone is unique, so if you are looking for yourself in an egg donor, you will be disappointed.  But if you can let go and appreciate each egg donor for her unique qualities, you may find someone that you really like.  Even when dealing with your own genetics, you never know who your child will be.