Jessi and Jon: Our egg donation journey

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How we built our family with egg donation

I found Donor Concierge through a referral from my clinic. It was a long road even to get to that point. I had tried to get pregnant naturally for many years when I was younger, around 25. I have very severe endometriosis, and I was only born with one ovary and fallopian tube. At that time, I was just finding this out and having many surgeries for endometriosis. We were trying to conceive naturally, but it never happened. Years later, I met my current husband. I was in my late 30’s and knew I would have to do IVF due to my condition. So we started right away.

I did nine cycles of IVF in all. Eventually, I had to take a break. We looked into adoption and fostering, but we weren’t eligible. At that point, I felt like I had exhausted all the options. But donor conception was still in the back of my mind. I knew I still wanted a family more than anything. So we looked at each other and said, “Let’s go for it.”

I knew I was searching for someone roughly like me, and most importantly, someone kind. Our clinic didn’t have many options, so they referred us to Donor Concierge. Then we started seeing far more candidates. Their personalities started to really jump out, and we got excited.

I knew we picked the right donor, because I kept coming back to her profile and what she had written. I remember thinking, “If I met her, we'd be friends.” I really liked that. That was the main reason we chose her. She was very chatty and friendly, not just formally filling out the form. She seemed like a lively person, which I liked. And she resembled me, which was a bonus.

We went through one round of donor egg IVF and after the transfer, I knew I was pregnant right away. We had failed nine times, and I just knew this one had worked. The pregnancy itself was really difficult due to hyperemesis. I hadcomplications with delivery, the whole thing. But when my son arrived, he was perfect. He’s about to start kindergarten now.

To anyone fighting an infertility journey, I would say, keep going. And also talk to people. If you can’t talk to your family, talk to anybody else – find a support group, find somebody through your doctor who's been through this, or a therapist.

At the end of the day, I’m just so grateful. I'm so grateful that this wonderful person donated their eggs for us, and I'm so grateful that I found Donor Concierge, honestly. And I'm so grateful that I went to the clinic that I did. There is not a thing I would change. There's not a thing I would change, because I have my son. This child completed my life.

Thank you so much to our clients Jessi and Jon for speaking with us about your experiences with infertility and egg donation. We are so happy to have played a part in your family building story! Interested in building your family with Donor Concierge? Schedule your free consultation today.

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