Single Dad Egg Donation and Surrogacy: Kevin’s Story

Posted in LGBTQ+, Donor Concierge Stories on June 7, 2022 by Donor Concierge

I’ve never had regrets in my life: I’ve made some decisions that were great, some less great, but I appreciated them all for where they’ve taken me in life. I’ve had amazing experiences in my life being an openly gay man. Not having children allowed me tremendous freedom in terms of flexibility. But I started to worry that I would wake up at age 70, or 75 and regret that I didn’t have children.

It made me think. I thought about it for a while, as I was starting to get older by then. I knew it would change my life quite a bit. I worried that I could be doing this on a whim and not truly want it. I worked through all of that, and ultimately knew it was something I really wanted to do. And then once I started working with Donor Concierge and seeing donor profiles, I got really excited. I was completely sure that Iwas on the right path. There was no turning back.

I didn’t go into my egg donor search with a checklist. Some people say, "Well, I want a Harvard-educated blonde-haired, blue-eyed supermodel." That was not my vision. My case manager and I worked together to narrow down a large list of candidates into a few that I felt good about. When I finally settled on the woman who would donate eggs to me, I was introduced to the agency and we had a great video call. I felt really comfortable with them and they explained the whole process and what would happen next. We were on the road to embryo creation.

Finding a surrogate had seemed like a harder task. I had contacted surrogacy agencies on my own, and heard that I needed to have embryos ready, and then wait an additional six to nine months. That didn’t sound very good. Donor Concierge found surrogate candidates pretty quickly for me and soon I was getting the call that my surrogate was pregnant!

With the pregnancy, I was very nervous with every bump in the road. I transferred one embryo, because I thought as a single dad that twins would be a little much. Then my surrogate had her sonogram and found out the egg had split. As soon as I heard, I was thrilled, because somebody up there definitely wanted me to have twins.

If I had to say anything to others about this path, I’d say thank God for modern medicine, because without it, this wouldn't be possible! I wouldn't change anything, because the end result is the most beautiful thing that I could ever imagine.

Thank you to Donor Concierge client Kevin for sharing this beautiful family-building story with us! We are so happy to have helped play a part in your family's journey.

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