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Donor Concierge has partnered with Roaring Adventures, a nonprofit organization providing fertility grants to military and first responders. We spoke with Mollie Huyck, Roaring Adventures' founder and president, to learn more about the organization and her own journey with fertility.

1 in 8 couples struggles with infertility. As fertility professionals dedicated to supporting hopeful parents on the path to family building, we are always wondering how we can best support our clients. We have worked for over a decade to provide a high level of service and become a best in class support to help our clients build their families as easily as possible.

However, we also know that our service is unique, and there is a vast, diverse population of hopeful parents experiencing infertility who need different forms of support. We are excited to partner with Roaring Adventures to help hopeful parents receive the financial support they need to build their family.

Roaring Adventures is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting first responders and active military members through infertility and family building. The nonprofit seeks to help provide hope in wanting to grow a family when faced with the diagnosis of infertility, the journey and perseverance it takes to often get there and the remembrance of those we have lost. We spoke with the founder of Roaring Adventures, Mollie Huyck, to learn more about the organization, how they help hopeful parents, and more. Read all about Roaring Adventures below!

What was the inspiration behind Roaring Adventures, Inc.?
The mission at Roaring Adventures, 501(c)(3) non-profit, is to provide education, support resources and financial assistance for family building through grants to those diagnosed with infertility, specifically for first responders and active military members.

Mollie and Aaron’s desire to establish and grow Roaring Adventures came through their own journey with unexplained infertility. After 7 years of recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss (9) through multiple fertility treatments, they welcomed their daughter through embryo donation via a gestational carrier. She is the joy of their lifetime and often shared as their greatest “Roaring Adventure”.

Roaring Adventures has created a way to lift up first responders and military families while also honoring how their family came to be and honoring their daughters biological family who have served in the military.

They say it takes a village to raise a child but for many it takes a village to have a child. As a first responder family, they know firsthand the love and support from an incredible community, including their first responder and military family.

Roaring Adventures is rooted in the desire to support and serve those diagnosed with medical infertility within the first responder and active military community. As such they are fortunate to have incredible partners both serving on the board of directors, within their community advisory team and amazing donors and sponsors.

Why is it important to support first responders and military members through fertility access?
While Roaring Adventures believes that access for every person and family should include access to care and infertility coverage, that is not the current state many face here in the United States. Many individuals continue to experience not only emotional burdens but the financial burdens of what infertility may bring for those who desire to grow their families. The Roaring Adventures team are committed to being actively involved and have been for close to 10 years, in access and advocacy work for all through Resolve.

They have specifically focused on first responders and military through their grant and education in both a way to pay it forward for and what they see first hand for first responders and military members: the trauma, emotional stress, dangerous or life threatening situations may be on the job, time away from loved ones and the environmental and occupational hazards that may impact the ability for one to grow their family.

According to the CDC, “Environmental and occupational hazards account for an unknown proportion of infertility cases, but are known to affect reproductive health and fertility in women and men, and are suspected of causing declining human sperm quality in industrialized countries.”

How can people apply for grants from Roaring Adventures?
The grant is open 4 times a year with our summer grant opportunity closing on August 31st, 2022. Visit their website to learn more about how you can apply for the grant or be involved at: or reach out via email to learn more: [email protected]

Do you have any advice for those starting a difficult fertility journey?
Navigating infertility can be extremely challenging, but you do not have to face it alone. Through many support resources, financial assistance partners and finding strength to share your story you may find a community of incredible warriors with compassion, grit and determination to help you achieve your dream of parenthood. Sometimes what may feel like the most unbearable season or journey in your life might just become your greatest Roaring Adventure.

We greatly appreciate the dedicated organizations and professionals who are seeking to increase fertility access, lift the stigma of infertility, and provide support for all unique families and paths to parenthood. Thank you again to Mollie and the Roaring Adventures team for sharing with us!

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