Surrogate Insurance

One question that comes up over and over when I’m helping couples in need of a gestational carrier is surrogate insurance.  Should they find a surrogate who already has insurance that will cover the pregnancy or do you need to buy specific surrogate insurance.  My advice is buy the specific surrogate insurance even thought it is expensive in the long run you want to make sure your surrogate is covered.  It can be purchased through a three different insurance brokers (listed below) and is the only insurance that truly does covers surrogate pregnancy.

If you use your surrogate’s personal health insurance, even if it doesn’t currently have language to preclude surrogacy the policy can change. The last thing you want to have happen is for this to occur during your surrogate’s pregnancy with your child.  The insurance company can refuse to pay and be fully with in their rights.  There is a serious risk of insurance fraud if a surrogate uses her personal health insurance for a surrogate pregnancy.

Surrogacy comes with enough stressful issues why not avoid this one. Check out the following links to learn more: