Waiting For Baby: Start Asking About Your Options

Posted in Donor Concierge on April 26, 2016 by Gail Sexton Anderson

This week marks Resolve’s National Infertility Awareness Week with the theme ‘#Start Asking’. We encourage our clients to know their options, to explore the best treatment that’s going to work for them, to know that anyone undergoing third party fertility treatment has the right to ask.

Infertility is often an exercise in waiting. Many people find that when they’re finally ready to move forward with either an egg donor or a surrogate they’re told they have to wait yet again? Does this sound familiar?

Waiting to be allowed to view the internal egg donor program at your clinic:

  • Clinics often don’t like to allow patients to see their egg donor database in advance because they don’t want patients choosing a program based on the donor in their database
  • I have heard doctors say “We used to let IPs see our database before they became our patients but then we found that some would look at the donors but then never sign up as patients”

Waiting to learn if you qualify for your clinic’s frozen egg program:

  • The number of frozen eggs in any given program is limited
  • Clinics want to make sure you are a viable patient for an egg donor cycle before they allow you access
    You may wait only to find that you don’t like any of the donors in their program

Waiting for an egg donor because your clinic insists you cycle with an a egg donor from its internal egg donor program

  • Clinics like you to use their donors because they have already screened their donors
  • Clinics view egg donors from a medical point of view not will this donor fit into your families look and feel
  • Egg donor agencies offer full profiles of egg donors with adult photos
  • If your clinic wants to keep you as a patient they will allow you to choose a viable donor of your choosing including agency donors
  • Being an egg donor is not a job many things come up in their lives that may cause them to not be available to do a cycle when it’s your turn
  • Waiting for a donor is often pointless since they may choose not to do a future cycle when it’s your turn

Waiting for a surrogate – some agencies request a down payment of $10,000 – $30,000 just to go on a waiting list. We’ve had clients who were told you are told it could take as long at 18 months to find a surrogate match.

When you know you need an egg donor or surrogate, most clients don’t have time to wait. The time for getting your family started is now. My goal at Donor Concierge is to help you find the right candidates quickly.

  • We work with over 70 surrogacy agencies
  • We work with 100+ egg donor agencies, giving you a better chance of finding a donor that you like who is available and ready to cycle immediately
  • We do a medical review of all surrogate medical records before we present her profile to you, ensuring that it's likely your clinic will approve the surrogate before you have paid any fee to the agency
  • You can have a meeting with the surrogate of your choice prior to committing to the agency she is listed with
  • We have had clients who found both an egg donor and a surrogate and had a baby within a year

You’ve waited long enough for your baby and it’s important to remember that you do have options. Our job is to help you make those choices.

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