Sacramento Egg Donors

Find the best egg donors in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento can be a wonderful place to find an egg donor. As the capital city of California, Sacramento is a relatively small city with a population of 465,000 people. However, we have found a number of egg donor agencies have donors in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. While a donor agency can be located anywhere in the United States, donors may join the agency from all over, including Sacramento. Despite its small size, there are a number of highly rated fertility clinics, doctors, and reproductive attorneys near Sacramento and the surrounding Bay Area.

Find the best egg donors in Sacramento including Downtown, East Sacramento, River Park, Boulevard Park, New Era Park, Land Park, Alhambra Triangle, Midtown, Curtis Park, and all across the city.

Five facts about egg donation

  • Your egg donor does not have to live in the same city as your clinic. Your egg donor may visit your clinic for an initial medical screening, then do her initial monitoring at a clinic near her, and finally travel to Sacramento for her retrieval. This is known as a travel cycle and is very common.
  • Doctors recommend an egg donor donate no more than six times during her life, and Donor Concierge focuses on donors between ages 21 and 29.
  • Many egg donors are willing to do an open donation. This might mean you exchange contact information, skype with your donor, or meet in person. It does not mean you have to, but that the donor is open to it. It can also mean that the donor is okay with contact once your child reaches age 18.
  • Genetic testing often reveals that a donor is a carrier of something but don’t despair: we are all carriers of some genetic markers - it doesn’t mean she will be excluded from being your egg donor.
  • Egg donors don’t just “do it for the money”; many young women see egg donation as a special way to help people who are struggling to build their families, at a time when they are not using their eggs.

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