San Diego Egg Donors

Search from among the best surrogate mothers in San Diego, CA.

If you are looking for an ideal location to find an egg donor, San Diego is a great option. This is a diverse city, close to the ocean with a number of excellent colleges and universities, as well as state of the art fertility clinics and maternity hospitals.

Even if your egg donor does not live in San Diego, the wonderful agencies that we work with can arrange for the donor to travel to your clinic. This is common practice and most egg donors are willing to travel. She’ll have to come twice - once for a one day medical screening, and the second time, she’ll stay at 7-10 days and visit your San Diego clinic for regular monitoring and the egg retrieval.

During your stay in San Diego, you may want to explore everything the city has to offer - stunning surfing beaches such as Oceanside, Del Mar and La Jolla, the Mission Beach boardwalk for swimming and people watching, and a wonderful art scene with unique museums and galleries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Egg Donation

Can I meet my egg donor?

Some intended parents ask to meet their egg donors before matching, or even during the match. This can be very successful for both parties - the egg donor feels a connection to the person/people she is donating to, and the intended parents have a sense of comfort to meet the person who is giving them a precious gift. This is something we would need to know before we do the search for your donor, so that we can explain this to agencies before matching. Many donors are delighted to meet their recipients but some are not and it’s important to respect that decision.

How do I know the egg donor is telling the truth?

We work with agencies that have solid reputations for carefully screening candidates. Potential egg donor candidates are asked to provide identification documentation, photographs and undergo extensive interviews with the agencies. They emphasize the need for being truthful, especially when it comes to medical history. While we can never know if anyone is being completely truthful, it’s our experience that most donors understand the need to be transparent and honest.

What testing have egg donors had?

If a young woman is a first time donor, she will most likely had no testing at all, beyond a review of her self-reported medical history. A handful of agencies do some baseline fertility testing such as a AMH or antral follicle count. While a repeat donor may have had some testing, she may need to have these repeated based on her age and how long it’s been since her last donation. A donor must be officially matched before she can have genetic testing - she needs to be under the care of a doctor who can interpret the results on her behalf.

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