Typical Surrogacy Costs

How much does surrogacy cost?

The cost of using a surrogate mother to have a baby ranges from $100,000 to almost $200,000 and will vary depending on which medical clinic you use, your choice of surrogate, and where you are located. This cost includes surrogate compensation, surrogacy agency fees, legal, travel and other expenses and the cost of IVF.

Our goal is to help you find the surrogate who most closely fits your requirements, lives in a surrogate-friendly state and is currently available. Donor Concierge works with more than 60 surrogacy agencies across the country to find the perfect surrogate to help you create your family. Let us help you as you make that decision. We are expert at it and help others just like you make that decision on a daily basis.

The cost of using a surrogate can be broken down as follows:

Itemized Surrogacy CostsLowHigh
Total Cost$99,000$175,500
Donor Concierge search fee$4,000$5,500
Surrogacy agency fees$20,000$30,000
Surrogate compensation$35,000$65,000
Legal / escrow fees$10,000$15,000
Surrogate insurance$10,000$20,000
Clinic Fees$20,000$40,000

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