Is There A Best Time to Find An Egg Donor?

Posted in Egg Donation on August 29, 2019 by Donor Concierge Staff

We are repeatedly asked ‘when is the best time to look for an egg donor?" by intended parents who finally started the process of egg donation. There is a myth circulating that there is a ‘season’ for women to donate their eggs, a time when egg donors’ schedules are more flexible, or when young women may be more likely to come forward to donate.

There’s no one answer to this question but the most likely response is just as there is no perfect egg donor, there is no perfect time to search for an egg donor.

While many egg donors are young women who are currently studying and may have more flexible schedules in the summer, most egg donors are young women who have completed school and are trying to juggle work committments with the potential logistics of doing a travel cycle, at a clinic in another part of the country.

Your donor will need to be available for at least 10-14 days, plus the pre-screening which may involve visits to a lab for blood tests and a one-day visit to your clinic. It takes approximately three months to get all the legal paperwork in place, the donor screening and the preparations for the donor to be ready for the retrieval. That means your donor will need to block out at least this amount of time from her life to commit to your egg donor cycle.

So while there is no ‘busy’ time for egg donor selection, there often times when more intended parents are searching for egg donors. This tends to be a few months before major holidays, and early in the year, when people set goals and make plans for the future.

Our best advice is to remember that while working with Donor Concierge will make the journey much smoother, the process does take time and there may be bumps in the road. It’s important that you have the time and attention in your life to work with us on your search. Donors get matched very quickly and you’ve got to be ready to pull the trigger. There are important decisions to be made and Donor Concierge is here to help.

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