Who Can I Talk To About Infertility?

Posted in Donor Concierge on February 10, 2015 by Michelle Laurie

Each week at Donor Concierge we have a team meeting to discuss the week's work, which clients have been matched with which donors or which surrogates and other DC business.  Often we talk about the struggle many intended parents face when getting to the stage of actually choosing a donor from the candidate profiles that we send them.  Parents often freeze when it comes down to making the decision, with so many worries and issues swirling around. Our goal is to help in the decision-making process, to provide emotional support and to help address so many difficult feelings that may arise as they move closer to their dream of having a child. That's when we hear many of the same questions:

What if I don't bond with my baby?

Will I see my donor's face every day when I look at my child?

Should I tell my friends and family that I used an egg donor? How will my child react when I tell her/him?

Going through infertility treatment is hard enough, and going through third-party fertility brings with it a whole other set of emotional issues.  At Donor Concierge, our amazing case managers are experts in coaching you through the process of egg donation and using a surrogate.  When you work with us to find an egg donor, a sperm donor or a surrogate to build your family, our goal is to be a personal resource to help you through what can often be a frustrating, expensive and emotionally draining process. We're independent and have no vested interest in which clinic you work with, or which egg donor agency you work with. Our goal is to find you the egg donor or surrogate who is a good fit for you and your family.

We've also spent almost two decades in the world of third party fertility, and we have a vast network of fertility partners and organizations to provide support and any other resource you may need. You may want to connect to our Facebook support group, or find a local support group through Resolve, the National Infertility Assocation. Resolve has a wealth of resources on its website to help you understand all aspects of infertility and your options. To talk to a RESOLVE volunteer who has personal experience with third party reproduction, you can call the RESOLVE HelpLine at 866.NOT.ALONE (866.668.2566) and press extension 9.

Our network includes individual therapists who can provide online or in-person support specific to the third party fertility journey. There are courses to help you through the surrogacy journey or to support you as you move ahead with egg donation.

Ready to take the next step in your family-building journey? Think of Donor Concierge as the place to start. We're here to guide you, to offer our expert advice and to stand by your side as you walk this path.

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