Los Angeles Surrogate Mothers

Find the best surrogate mothers in Los Angeles, CA.

Donor Concierge partners with some of the top surrogacy agencies in Los Angeles and can help you to narrow your search to surrogate mothers in the Los Angeles area. California is a desirable location for gestational surrogacy, with an abundance of fertility clinics, doctors, and attorneys all headquartered in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. More favorable laws mean that those intended parents who have unique circumstances find it easier to obtain parentage of their children. We have helped hundreds of intended parents become families by finding a surrogate mother in Los Angeles and across the beautiful state of California.

We will reach out to all of our surrogacy agency partners on your behalf, and send you up to 4 candidates who meet your criteria for a Los Angeles surrogate mother. Once you’ve matched, you will most likely make several trips to Los Angeles to visit your fertility clinic, get to know your surrogacy agency, and meet your surrogate. We always encourage our clients to have a flexible travel schedule if you are coming from outside of the Los Angeles area.

Top Three Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy

How much does it cost?

Gestational surrogacy costs can range from $100,000 to $150,000, depending on your clinic. This is a wide range based on many factors - agency fees, surrogate compensation, insurance costs, and travel costs. Before you start your surrogacy journey, it’s very important to be aware of the many costs that may arise and to plan your budget. Many companies now offer generous fertility insurance packages so check with your provider to see what options may be available to you.

Will I bond with my baby?

The answer is a resounding yes! Many parents via surrogacy are nervous that they won’t have the bond with their baby. However, the more involved you can be in the process, the more it will help all of you bond with your baby. Go to as many clinic appointments as possible, schedule regular calls with your surrogate, and talk with your surrogate about how best to be involved in the pregnancy. Remember that your surrogate has given birth to her own babies, so she understands and will guide you through the pregnancy.

Why is Los Angeles, CA so popular for surrogacy?

Los Angeles is a popular place for surrogacy due to many factors, but mainly because of its progressive legal approach to surrogacy. Intended parents, no matter their gender or marital status, can obtain a pre-birth order which is a legal document assigning parentage and removing the surrogate from any obligation to the child. Having this done before the baby is born simplifies the process.

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