Sacramento Surrogate Mothers

Find the best surrogate mothers in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento may be one of the best places in the world to find a surrogate mother. It is the capital city of California which is considered one of the most surrogate friendly states in the United States. Many California surrogate mothers are located in Sacramento and nearby towns; there are also a large number of highly rated fertility clinics, doctors, and reproductive lawyers.

Find the best surrogate mothers in Sacramento including Downtown, East Sacramento, River Park, Boulevard Park, New Era Park, Land Park, Alhambra Triangle, Midtown, Curtis Park, and all across the city.

Facts about Gestational Surrogacy

  • Your surrogate doesn’t have to live in the same city as you or your clinic, or even the same state. Donor Concierge encourages clients to search from all available surrogate mothers in California and across the United States, to ensure you find the surrogate mother who best meets your family’s needs.
  • Your surrogate will already have at least one child of her own that she carried to term, and who she has at least 50% custody of.
  • Your surrogate mother is unlikely to also be the biological mother of the child; traditional surrogacy is uncommon nowadays.The female genetic contributor may be you or your partner, or an egg donor.
  • Surrogate mothers rarely do it only “for the money”; many young mothers who loved being pregnant genuinely want to help those who are not able to carry their own children.
  • Surrogacy agreements typically provide for parents to be as involved as possible in the surrogate’s pregnancy, and this may also help them to bond with the baby before birth

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