San Diego Surrogate Mothers

Find the best surrogate mothers in San Diego, CA.

Donor Concierge helps you narrow your search for surrogate mothers in the San Diego area by partnering with some of the top surrogacy agencies in San Diego. The state of California is an ideal location for gestational surrogacy, as there is wide variety of doctors, fertility clinics, and attorneys located in San Diego and the surrounding areas. California’s fertility laws favor intended parents who find themselves in unique circumstances. This makes obtaining child parentage easier for intended parents. We have helped hundreds of intended parents grow their families with the help of surrogate mothers located throughout the state of California, including the culture-rich city of San Diego.

We will contact each of our surrogacy agency partners, review surrogate candidate profiles, and send you up to 4 candidates who align with your criteria for a surrogate mother in, or near, San Diego. After you have been matched with a surrogate, you will likely need to visit San Diego several times in order to visit your fertility clinic, become familiar with your surrogacy agency, and to meet your surrogate. We encourage intended parents to keep a flexible travel schedule if you will be visiting San Diego from out of town.

What are the requirements for becoming a surrogate?

At Donor Concierge, we follow ASRM guidelines when assessing a woman’s suitability to act as a gestational carrier. We look for women who:

  • Have had at least one birth but no more than 5 live births and no more than 2 c-sections.
  • BMI below 30.
  • Uncomplicated pregnancy history - for example, singleton births at 37 or greater weeks; twin births at 35 weeks or greater; no history of gestational diabetes requiring medications, postpartum depression, high blood pressure, preterm delivery, and preeclampsia.
  • Good social and economic factors. For example, if the candidate is married, does her husband support the surrogacy? Or if the candidate is single, does she have support close by and independent financial resources from the surrogacy process. No one should enter into a surrogacy arrangement under economic duress.

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