San Francisco Surrogate Mothers

Find the best surrogate mothers in San Francisco, CA.

The ‘City By the Bay’ is not only our backyard, it’s also an excellent place to complete your surrogacy journey. Located on the wild Pacific coast, San Francisco has the tradition of being one of the most liberal cities in the United States, if not the world. Finding a surrogate mother in San Francisco Bay area is a common request for Donor Concierge. We have a network of excellent surrogacy agencies with wonderful surrogate mothers in San Francisco, and surrounding cities such as Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Coupled with a number of the country’s top fertility doctors and clinics, San Francisco has become a popular place for intended parents to undergo a surrogate pregnancy.

The Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s most famous landmark, stretching north across the Pacific Ocean to beautiful Marin County. Looking to the right as you head north, you’ll see Alcatraz. The city center is small enough to wander different neighborhoods on foot - the vivid colour of Haight Ashbury, the trendy restaurants and shops in the Marina and of course, a stroll along Crissy Field with the Golden Gate Bridge at your feet.

The Top Three Surrogacy FAQs

Why would someone become a surrogate?

Surrogacy should be a win/win experience for both you and your surrogate. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is all about the money for the surrogate. The compensation is welcome but it is not the greatest motivating factor for the surrogate. The joy of giving birth to your child will enrich your life and hers for years to come.

What if the surrogate mother wants to keep my baby?

This is probably the biggest myth about surrogacy. First of all, all women who choose to be surrogates must have a proper evaluation by a mental health professional. Secondly, gestational surrogate mothers know that they are not genetically connected to the baby. According to one surrogate mother in San Francisco “When I was a surrogate I did not feel like I was giving the baby up, because she was never mine to begin with, I was just giving her back. We had a visceral connection from nine months nurturing her inside me, but I did not bond with her. In truth I bonded with her parents, in our mutual desire to bring her into the world so they could be a family. Most other surrogates feel the same way.” While stories in the press abound about surrogates keeping the baby, the reality is that this rarely, if ever happens.

What are the requirements for becoming a surrogate

At Donor Concierge, we follow ASRM guidelines when assessing a woman’s suitability to act as a gestational carrier. We also have

  • Are aged 23-38
  • Have had at least one healthy pregnancy but no more than 5
  • No more than two c-sections
  • Are not on public assistance, therefore not doing a surrogacy journey out of desperation
  • Have a healthy BMI, below 30 is ideal

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