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Posted in Surrogacy on August 31, 2020 by Donor Concierge

Hearing others talk about fertility challenges - the challenges, heartbreak and triumph - goes a long way to helping you feel less alone in this journey. Continuing our #fertilitytribe series, here are our top picks to help you find your #surrogacytribe - all people who are at different stages of their journeys, but personal stories about surrogacy that we’re sure you’ll learn from and take comfort in a shared experience.

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Kelsey Nixon is a TV host, author and content creator who has shared her pregnancy journey through a gestational surrogate. You may be familiar with Kelsey’s story already after the Today Show featured her and her surrogate Megan (@MeganBlackhurst). After difficult pregnancies and losing her second child to complications from his prematurity, Kelsey and her husband connected with a gestational carrier to bring their third child into the world, and recently welcomed their newborn daughter Penny, also through a gestational carrier. Kelsey is a huge source of inspiration for anyone struggling with infertility, loss, or a difficult surrogacy journey.

Tim and Celeste (@Tim.Celeste.X) have been sharing their fertility journey with their followers for years -- and we love being able to share their lives. Infertility can be heartbreaking, but Tim and Celeste share their story, including all the ups and downs, with grace and honesty. We wish them the best of luck as they begin their surrogacy journey, and recommend you follow along if you are beginning yours.

Natalie (@Natalie_Moss) is a newly expecting mother, documenting her health and fertility story alongside her husband Al. Natalie has Cystic Fibrosis, and the condition’s effects on her health combined with Natalie’s participation in a clinical drug trial led to the couple pursuing adoption. After finding out about surrogacy, Natalie and Al found a wonderful surrogate through a family friend, and the rest is history! For anyone seeking updates about the early process of surrogacy Natalie is definitely worth a follow.

Jaclyn Misch (@jaclynmisch) is a ray of sunshine on social media. She is a former Survivor contestant turned wine aficionado after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America’s graduate program. Jaclyn uses her platform to educate followers about her biggest passion -- wine. But she also is outspoken about fertility and surrogacy, and openly shares about her MRKH syndrome that caused her to be born without a uterus. Jaclyn has shared her disappointing surrogacy journey on her blog and faces the uncertain road ahead with optimism and humor. Jaclyn truly is a Jac-of-all-trades, and she is a great person to follow if you want fertility realness, funny content, wine education and more.

Rosa’s surrogacy journey is near and dear to our hearts. We know Rosa personally and we are wishing her the best of luck! Rosa’s been a lot for someone so young - uterine cancer and a hysterectomy didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of having a family with her high-school sweetheart. We are praying and sprinkling baby dust on Rosa and Alan as they move ahead with their surrogacy.

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